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When Absalom, the son of King David, revolted and caused an insurrection against his father, David quickly began to muster and marshal his troops. A.W. Pink, in his classic, The Life of David, wrote: “Yet let it be duly noted that strong faith did not produce either sloth or carelessness. David acted with diligence and wisdom: marshalling his forces, putting them in good order, dividing them to best advantage, and placing them under the command of his most experienced generals.” Though King David knew that God would be with him in battle, he also knew that God expected a King to prepare the soldiers for the battle.

The Response - Blessed is the nation

Absalom was 29 years old when he was killed during this failed insurrection. Therefore, Solomon his step-brother some nine years younger, had first-hand experience in the muster and marshalling of forces. As a result, it was Solomon who wrote, “The wise scales the city walls of the mighty, and pulls down its strong security” (Proverbs 21:22). Solomon also testified,“Wisdom is better than strength,” and “Wisdom is better than weapons of war”(Ecclesiastes 9:16, 18).

If we advance spiritual men and women into the public square-people who know Wisdom-then we improve America’s chances for remaining free. We trust in the Lord and we marshal the army. Or as John Quincy Adams said, “Duty is ours; results are God’s.”

Proverbs 18:10 says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Godly wisdom has inestimable superiority to military might and gold. A key to sustaining freedom is the launching of spiritual men and women from behind the pulpit and four walls of the church…right on into City Hall.

“Freedom can no more take a holiday from history than from gravity, and the plain fact is that it is harder to be free than to not be free, for freedom’s fire has not only to be lit once but must be kindled and rekindled all over again in each succeeding generation.”-Os Guinness, A Free People’s Suicide

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